Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taxpayers Should be Happy About Change in Direction in Afghanistan?

I posted a piece in December, on how the Harper government had turned the War in Afghanistan into a mafia style playground, buying protection, and hiring firms blacklisted by everyone else.

The Star now reports that Harper has finally decided to fire the corrupt organization, run by the Karzai family.

The firing is being called "a victory for Canadian taxpayers." What the hell? A victory for us would have been not hiring this group in the first place. Instead we were complicit in their crimes.

In his new book Obama's Wars, Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, discusses Canada and confirms that the Taliban is being paid "protection money". What a mess this government has made of things.

Harper is calling the mission a success. What a farce. As Thomas Walkom reminds us, with a view shared by many, we have won nothing. The Taliban is just as strong and the Afghan forces just as weak.

And with Harper's new "spreading of democracy", will our soldiers really be coming home, or just sent someplace else?

The problem with having a madman at the helm.

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  1. Don't you love the way Harpy wears a khaki shirt with pretend epaulettes to make him look like he's just one of the guys?
    And no, I don't believe our troops are going to come home. Nor will they be deployed as peacekeepers, or sent to help people after a natural disaster. Harpy will find another for them war to join. He can probably get a few more wearings out of that paramilitary shirt.
    When he starts to wear camouflage outfits, watch out, he'll think he's Supreme Commander. It's all stage-set and window-dressing, but there are plenty of Canadians uninformed enough to agree with him.