Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brigette DePape is my Heroine

This wonderful young woman has put us all to shame. Brigette DePape, the young page who put her job on the line to make an important political statement.

All we will have for the next four years is civil disobedience.

She was chastised for disrespecting the institution, but who disrespects it more than Stephen Harper and his minions?

She said that her parents are proud of her and so am I.


  1. Right on, Emily. Brigette has reminded the 75% of us who did not vote for the HarperCONS that we aren't just going to lay down and let hHarper and his minions sell us down the tubes with his failed ideology favouring corporatocracy over the people. The revolution has started with a brave young lady who never even had to say a word.
    Interesting msm seems to have dropped this like a hot potato. Not surprizing really when you understand who and what they represent which is the antithesis of what Brigette and the rest of us stand for, which is Canada and not Amerika.

  2. This wonderful young woman has put us all to shame. DITOO DITTO DITTO!