Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Conservative Laurie Hawn Thrilled With Unemployment as it Might Make Recruitment Easier

Wikileaks has revealed that Conservative Laurie Hawn was tickled pink over Canada's rise in unemployment, seeing it as an opportunity to recruit more soldiers.

Maybe instead of EI, we should just ship them all out.
A Conservative MP recently nominated by the federal government to sit on a secretive Canada-U.S. committee on continental defence told U.S. officials he was hoping a downturn in the economy would lead to increased recruitment for the Canadian army, according to a “confidential” U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks to APTN National News.

Edmonton Centre Conservative MP Laurie Hawn said he saw “hope” that the rising numbers of unemployed would lead to an increased in army recruits, according to the diplomatic cable from March 12, 2009.
What next, conscription?


  1. Conscription? Probably. You know how Harper loves a war, and loves the US Republican Party. Better dead than red, and all that.
    So, where will unemployed Canadians go to evade the draft? Certainly not Alaska. LOL
    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I can just see the gleeful looks on Conservative faces when they manage to put young people in that kind of bind.

  2. Laurie Hawn obviously doesn't understand the current recruitment situation (not to mention not having a clue about the economy).

    In fact, just last week a friend was telling me that his 22 year old son applied, but was turned down because the military's recruitment numbers had been met. The military already has more qualified applicants than it can accept, how many more does he want and why?