Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jack Layton May Have Sold Out for Nothing

I mentioned yesterday being surprised that every single NDP voted in favour of bombing the hell out of Libya.

Layton performed his usual posturing, saying yes drop those 1000 bombs, but then I'm going to say enough. What an amazing blowhard he has turned out to be.

Well, Jack, you may have sold out a little too soon. Apparently Gaddafi is now negotiating with the rebels.

I know that the NDP could not stop Harper, but a "no" vote would have been symbolic. For years those on the left have been critical of the Liberals, for too often supporting American Imperialism. The NDP would never do that, or so we were led to believe.

Well, guess what? Not only would they, but they did.

And in a surprising twist, the Republicans are questioning the U.S. reason for the "mission". (bombs for oil)
Republican leaders demanded a written justification of military involvement in Libya from President Barack Obama on Wednesday as the traditionally hawkish party shows signs of losing its appetite for war.
This puts the NDP just right of the Republicans.

Poor Harper. If there is a truce, and peace is negotiated with Gaddafi's son, and a promised election on their terms, what is he going to do with all those damn bombs? $130 million worth.

What a screwed up country we've become. And just think. Another 4-5 years of a Harper majority with Jack Layton "holding the bully's coat". I'm so thrilled.


  1. We will not recognize Canada in 5 years. This will be a totally different Country. Mega Prisons, Patrols for the Arctic, and we will be Bankrupt just like the US except that we can't print money out of our depression. And we will be stuck with the Harperites for a long time. Integrity and honesty will be only a dream.

  2. I agree with Nadsoj. The country we have loved will be gone.
    I also think there's a good chance, if the Republicans get into the White House, Canada will be gone in more ways than one. We'll wake up one morning and find ourselves part of the US of A.
    Let's see, BC can keep its initials: a logical name for it will be Bush Country because of its history in the logging industry.
    Saskatchewan will have to change its name, because Americans can't pronounce it, or Saskatoon, either.
    Alberta, of course, can keep its name because it is full of ultra-conservatives who will be happy to live in Alberta, USA. I, however, will not be one of them.
    The NDP voting for war is not something I could ever have imagined, unless Canada itself were under fire.

  3. Great post, Emily. I do believe that there is a good chance that the Cons have been given enough rope to hang themselves with, now that they have a majority. As for JL, what the HECK is he thinking - Quebecers even more than most Canadians are never fond of fighting wars, what base is he appealing to? Blowhard indeed.