Saturday, June 4, 2011

Michael Coren's History Lesson Needs a History Lesson

Right-wing personality, Michael Coren, has a column this week, where he discusses the arrest of Ratko Mladic, for war crimes.

The charges are his involvement in the slaughter of 8,000 Muslims in Serbia.

Coren does not defend his actions, at least not in so many words, but suggests a double standard, given that in many countries Muslims are killing each other. He even taps into Stalin and his death forces, as another example of a nation killing their own.

However, I'm currently reading and sharing bits of Namoi Kleins's The Shock Doctrine, where Chicago School economist, Milton Friedman, was behind shock therapy in places like, though far from limited to, Chile and Venezuela. In these places U.S. sponsored demagogues turned on their own people, creating torture chambers and death camps.

Christians turning on other Christians.

And yet Friedman is a Neoconservative god, and the inspiration for much of Stephen Harper's ideology.

The Harper government is creating museums and monuments, to honour the victims of Communism and anti-Semitism. A noble gesture.

However, I think they should also have a museum for the victims of "democracy", neoconservative style.

Or what has been dubbed "Authoritarian Democracy".

Nobody's hands are cleans.

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