Monday, June 6, 2011

The Conservative and Government Websites May be the Same But The Slogan Belongs to Neither

Dan Gardner pointed out today on Twitter that the Conservative Party's and the Government of Canada's, websites were almost identical.

Conservative Site.


But the slogan they are using Stability, Security, Prosperity; is stolen.

The right-wing European People's Party, have that as their motto, as does the American Tea Party Patriots.

Their version is part of Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers) who promote "stability and security".

Americans for Prosperity are helping Harper with his healthcare reform (service will depend on the size of your bank account) and the Koch brothers with the pipelines that will send all the good jobs South.

Still think we're a sovereign nation?

1 comment:

  1. Nope, we haven't been a sovereign nation since the Harpies first took office, and I've finally figured out why.
    Conservative supporters — the rank and file — IMAGINE themselves becoming big businessmen. They look at The American Dream (i.e. anyone can achieve prosperity) and they love that dream more than they love Canada. Bottom line.
    Never mind that they aren't big businessmen at all, they see themselves as becoming wealthy through capitalism, so they're chasing someone else's dream, fed to them by Harper.