Friday, June 3, 2011

Do All Conservative Ministers Live Under a Rock?

Next to "I'm sorry", the most common phrase used by Conservatives, is "I didn't get the memo".

I swear. It's like they have no idea what is going on under their noses.

That's if you believe them, which I don't.
Hackers who attacked two of Canada's federal departments stole classified information before being discovered last January, CBC News has learned. The revelation comes from documents obtained under Access to Information laws, and contradicts what the minister in charge said at the time.

Six months ago, hackers launched an unprecedented cyber attack on the federal government. In January, the government's computer system came under attack ...
"Indications are that data has been exfiltrated and that privileged accounts have been compromised," said a memo written Jan. 31, 2011.

Former Treasury Board president Stockwell Day said he was never told that any classified information was stolen from government computers. "Certainly, on the information that I got, I had full confidence that the systems had moved quickly to shut down, that significant information had not in fact been carried away, and that the ongoing assessment of that by the technicians continues," he told CBC News on Thursday.
I find it hard to believe that he was kept in the dark about something this important.

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  1. With such revelations they prove, time and again, that they are either incompetent or complicit. There is no third possibility. But that doesn't matter, because there is no serious analysis, no serious opposition and - most importantly - no accountability. It is for these reasons only that the minions are comfortable in coming forward and making such patently ridiculous statements.

    Nevertheless, starting almost immediately they will not need to do even that much, for the kind of revelations that forced Mr. Day to say something will either be completely stifled or they will be facilitated selectively in order to serve an underlying agenda - one that will include, for a time, maintaining the facade of a still-open society, fabricated evidence to lull the public into believing that the absolute control that is actually happening, can't be happening. How could it be if there are still leaks coming out?

    The selective-revelation process will serve yet another purpose, which is to continue to induce the public into trusting the media because they are publishing these apparently unflattering stories - thus the media must be independent, right? So, the rest of the stories they publish, (the overriding objective of which is to promote a cynically-expedient and totally manufactured perception of reality) should be believed.

    If violence and gun-play dominate the headlines then ours must be a dangerous world in need of fewer freedoms and tougher enforcement. If a given foreign government and/or its head is called a threat, then they must be and economic/military action against them should be enacted. If the reasons things are getting steadily getting worse for their viewers and readers are explained as being their own fault (e.g., they keep ageing, they engage in profligate personal spending, they succumb to petty greed) and the by-products of macro-economic forces beyond the politicians' control, then that must be the case. If the only possible choices presented on an issue are either A or B, then there can't be a C or a D, can there - so what bother even imagining them?

    This stuff has been going on for years backed by extensive research that our tax dollars have funded and promoted by organizations we have heavily subsidized. It has been field-tested on societies all over the globe; and those test results have led to impeccable levels of refinement. One excellent measure of their success will be the number of people who will read these inconvenient truths and dismiss them out of hand.