Wednesday, June 22, 2011

JP Morgan Fined $153.6M For Doing God's Work

It is becoming increasingly evident that the so-called "Economic Crisis" was carefully engineered to force governments to tear down their welfare states.

The 153.6 million fine for JP Morgan is a drop in the bucket, when we look at the billions of dollars given in bailout money, much of which went to pay bonuses to execs of those companies, who "needed" the cash to "survive".

Too big to fail we were told.

The neoconservative movement is based on many things, but at the root is the desire to place public funds into private hands, and boy has there been a lot of public funds given away since this began. The financial 'shock doctrine'.

As a result, the United States is almost bankrupt and around the world austerity budgets are causing undue suffering on citizens. Not wealthy citizens though.

They're serving up caviar and Foie gras, while watching the peasants revolt on their wide screen TVs. Nothing this entertaining since public hangings.

But a few have a conscience, as distorted as it is, holding onto the belief that they are doing God's work". God sent Katrina so the neocons could rebuild in their image of what a "free market" should look like, including private schools and voucher systems. Milton Friedman had a spiritual awakening and began speaking in tongues.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman-Sachs, told the London Times that he was just a banker doing God's work. I'm glad he cleared that up, because I thought he was just another crook.

And speaking of crooks, this "economic crisis" certainly did a lot for the careers of Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper. They just have to mention the word "economy" and everyone swoons.

And they're still using it as an excuse for more taxpayer funded advertising and even the reason for attacking postal employees. How dare they demand fair treatment during our "economic recovery"?

A Wikileaks document revealed that the Americans believe, and rightfully so, that Stephen Harper has no idea what he's doing when it comes to the economy, only hoping that the stimulus package worked. Otherwise, he had no plan "B".

They also portray Harper as being weak and a blowhard. Like we needed Wikileaks to tell us that.

Let's hope there are more fines and eventually arrests, because these guys should never get away with they've done. The largest fraud in history, that has destroyed the economies of many nations, and stuck Canada with a Harper majority.

He now has four years to destroy us, and destroy us he will.

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