Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Did the NDP Block the Release of the Auditor Generals Report Before the Election?

The above image is of a lighthouse on a stump in Tony Clement's riding, that cost taxpayers $186,000.

A real beauty isn't it?

Robert Silver reveals in the Globe and Mail that just before the Harper government fell on Contempt of Parliament charges, Liberal MP Jean-Claude D'Amours, put forward a motion to table the Auditor Generals report on spending for the G8 and G20 summits.

The Conservatives were naturally outraged, but surprisingly it was an NDP MP who put the brakes on the report being made public. Why? Is this 2005 all over again when Jack Layton worked with Stephen Harper to bring down the government on the day that Kyoto would have been ratified, because he didn't want the Liberals to look good?

Who knows?

We would have learned earlier of the bombshell G8 spending, that included the lovely little lighthouse on a stump.

This one is a puzzle.

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  1. I also am Stumped! I have No Idea how anyone can Vote for these creeps and maintain their self respect. Hopefully, these are Harper's Endtimes!

    Thanks Em Dee, You Rock!