Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tony Clement is Proud to be an Oinkee From Muskogee. Sorry Tim Harper.

Tim Harper has an excellent column in the Star, suggesting that Harper shot himself in the foot on this one. So I decided to put it to music.

Tony Clement singing 'Proud to be an Oinkee from Muskogee'. If you're not sure of the tune in this old Merle Haggard song, the video is below.

We don't want no leftovers in Muskogee;
We'll take all you've got if it's for free
We don't need those hydrants down on Main Street;
Just cover 'em up and we'll clap our hands with glee.

Tony Clement never came from our Muskogee,
But rode into town with cash pinned to his lapel
Said my own hometown didn't want me in the House there,
So vote for me and together we'll give them hell.

I know I'm weird and a little short on lovin';
But my campaign will be all about pitchin' woo;
Roads to nowhere and airports just for viewin'
We'll do it like those folks in Beverley Hills do.

He's now proud to be an Oinkee from Muskogee,
A place where even squares can be dug up.
He just waves around those untold millions,
Refusing to say "Ok, now that's enough".

Shops in T.O., still waiting for reparations
broken windows, mishapen doors and signs torn off.
But Tony's busy schmoosing with the big shots,
To care much what they need, while Baird says 'Flick off.

Yes he's proud to be an oinkee in the House now
But not for long, Tony's now on his way out.


  1. Yes and we in Muskoka and the surrounding communities just scooped up everything he was handing out no matter what Party we support.Moma tod me when very young to never look any gift horse in the mouth and I could have cared less the petigree of one handing out money and work. Mostly in the areas of Muskoka where the vote from Southern Ontario have their cottages though I might add...:(

  2. I'm not saying you shouldn't have taken it but your vote for Clement will prove that you agree with it.