Friday, December 4, 2009

Women in the Harper Government Must STOP SPEAKING FOR CANADIAN WOMEN IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If our taxes weren't going to pay the salaries of these women, I would forbid them to ever show up in the House of Commons again. ... on second thought, maybe we should pay them to stay the hell home. They are a disgrace.

We've got Cheryl Gallant suggesting that a soldier dies every time we debate the war in Afghanistan and even accused Jack Layton of being directly responsible for one death. And yet it was discussed two years ago that the way we were handling Afghan Detainees may have directly affected the safety of our men and women in uniform.

Then there's Diane Finley, the second absolute moron in the video, who recently lost passport applications and didn't even advice the victims; caught lying about the cost of EI Reform. Four billion dollars was a lark. The Parliamentary budget officer confirmed that it would be about 1 billion.

And of course she was set up by that little twit Hoeppner, who dared to show her face at the ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Dec. 6 massacre at Montreal's L'École Polytechnique, after presenting the bill to scrap the gun registry that was created in their memory.

They should stick to making coffee and sandwiches for the boys, because these women do not represent us.

I don't know if they are really this stupid, or if the boys demand they look stupid, so they don't get shown up. For Hoppy's information we need a childcare plan, and most working women agree, so never ever, ever; assume you have the right to speak for us on this issue.

I think Gerald Caplan was right. Tories really do hate children. They sure hate women.

Tory `girlfriends' hew to party line on femicide
By Antonia Zerbisias Living Columnist
December 4, 2009

If it weren't so hypocritical, it would be hysterical.

On Wednesday, at a Parliament Hill ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Dec. 6 massacre at Montreal's L'École Polytechnique, Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner co-starred in Status of Women minister Helena Guergis's show of sympathy. Bad enough that, last month, Guergis voted for Bill C-391, the legislation that aims to kill the long-gun registry and Hoeppner was the one to introduce it in the House.

No wonder that Status of Women committee members Anita Neville (L-Winnipeg South Centre), Irene Mathyssen (NDP-London- Fanshawe) and the Bloc's warrior queen of women's rights, Nicole Demers (Laval), boycotted the ceremony. As Neville told me Wednesday, "The Conservatives' record on women has just been abominable.'' ...


  1. A lot of Canadian women would suggest that people like you should stop pretending to speak for all Canadian women.

  2. As it turns out, there's also more to the passport story than you're letting on. Those applications weren't "lost". They were stolen.

  3. Without a childcare plan many Canadian women find it very difficult to work. Not everyone is in the high income bracket of these MPs and you can't find daycare for less than about $ 50.00 per day.

    $100.00 per month, taxable, is not a child care plan. Women were promised thousands of daycare spots would be made available by the Harper government, so far, zip, zilch , nada.

    And even Don Martin wrote a piece about Helena Guergis, calling her the dumbest person on the Hill. He said he asked his female co-workers if this made him sexist, and they said no way. They agreed and were embarassed that she was now heading the Status for Women.

    So when I vent that people like Guergis, Hoeppner and Gallant are an embarassment to us, because they just verify what these Reformers believe about women, I make no apologies.

    Sometimes reading my posts back later, I think I may have been a little harsh, but they reflect my reaction at the time.

    I grew up in a time when women had to fight for everything, even the right to wear pantsuits to work. Young women today take so much for granted, but I will always voice my concern when I see this gov't trying to take women's rights back to the day when we had none.

  4. Well, one hates to burst your bubble, but Antonia Zerbisias is a moron. The article that you posted here is wrought with factual and logical errors. It's little more than the same old rhetoric that can quickly be discredited by anyone who knows the most basic facts.

    Fun fact: the gun registry wasn't the only gun control measure passed alongside the 1995 Firearms Act. The 1995 gun control legislation also toughened the penalties for gun crimes, and instituted more comprehensive licensing requirements.

    The Conservative government has since moved to further toughen the penalties for gun crime (something that Anita Neville voted against) and has no plans whatsoever to make any changes to the Possession and Aquisition License system (which, I think is a mistake, the criteria for attaining a PAL -- and thus being able to legally own a gun -- should be tightened up further).

    Once again, this is not a gender politics issue, but that doesn't seem to stop Zerbisias from trying to make it into one.

    As for the "this gov't trying to take women's rights back to the day when we had none", that's pure ideological nonsense. You should stop insulting people's intelligence. That's a Zerbisias stunt.

  5. You're right. They were stolen. However, the point was that Ms Finley knew that and did not inform those whose personal information was vulnerable. They would have immediately cancelled their credit cards and protected themselves from identity theft.

  6. "The Conservative government has since moved to further toughen the penalties for gun crime"

    Tougening penalties does NOT prevent crime. It has been proven. The Conservatives moved ahead with a bogus "tough on crime" bill that experts agree is a recipe for disaster. They consulted no one working in the system dismissing them as "university types"

    "As for the "this gov't trying to take women's rights back to the day when we had none", that's pure ideological nonsense."

    Are you familiar with a group that Stephen Harper helped to found 'The Northern Foundation'. This was a vanguard organization for the extreme right. Another founding member and early Reform Party mentor, was William D. Gairdner.

    In 2007, Donna L. Lillian, Assistant Professor of Discourse and Linguistics in the Department of English at East Carolina University, wrote a paper entitled: A thorn by any other name: sexist discourse as hate speech, which centered around Harper's partner and longtime friend, William D. Gairdner, as mentioned above. Ms Lillian has spent a great deal of time "...analyzing Canadian neoconservative discourse as racist, sexist, and homophobic."

    You can dind her paper here

    Also check out the REAL Women of Canada website, another group aligned with Stephen Harper. Or the Promise Keepers, whose Canadians founder is Conservative MP David Sweet.

    Then get back to me. I've researched this extensively.