Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Stephen Harper Planning to Prorogue Parliament to Avoid Facing Detainee Investigation?

With news of an emergency meeting of the Afghan Detainee committee, investigating possible war crimes; rumours are floating around that Stephen Harper may once again ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament; this time until after the Olympics.

This is a very dangerous precedent. Last time she granted his request because it was soon after an election. This would be to bury possible criminal activity, and it would mean that the House would not sit for more than three months.

So far they are denying it, but I think many people have been anticipating something. The Reformers are losing the battle of public opinion, so by putting this on ice, and going on a photo-op extravaganza; they would attempt to avoid the worsening details of what they knew and when.

The Reform-Conservative involvement in the abuse, must be even worse than imagined, if this is indeed their intent. I think Canadians need to continue to push for answers.

Ottawa buzzing with talk of proroguing Parliament
Gloria Galloway
Globe and Mail
December 15, 2009

Rumours swirling around Ottawa suggest the Conservative government is thinking of shutting down Parliament until after the Olympics, killing some of its own bills but also ending the discussion of Afghan detainees that is nibbling away at Tory popularity. “I have heard that from some of the public servants,” Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale said Monday of a potential prorogation. “The word they are getting is ‘get ready to clear the decks. Anything that needs to get done before a parliamentary session ends, get it done.' ”

Conservative staff members said they also have received hints that a prorogation may be in the offing. But a spokeswoman for Government House Leader Jay Hill said his office “won't indulge the Hill rumour mill.” The rumours suggest that Parliament would return in March, when the Games are over, with a new budget that could be used to provoke an election ....

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