Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Let Dimmy Witty Out of His Cage? We're in Enough Trouble at Copenhagen

As Canada's image is being tarnished on a daily basis, why would the Reformers take Dimitri Soudas to Copenhagen? He's never been anything other than an embarrassment. An unelected embarrassment at that.

The little jerk is making such an idiot of himself in Copenhagen that it prompted the Liberal leader to demand that he be brought back home immediately.

Not that we really want him here, but unless he's willing to sew an American flag to his hat, he can no longer be let out of his cage.

December 15, 2009
When did Dimitri Soudas become an ambassador?
Jane Taber

Amid today’s massive recall of roller blinds and roman shades because of potential danger to children, there is another recall demand. This one is political.

Michael Ignatieff sees danger in the Prime Minister’s spokesman, Dimtri Soudas, remaining in Denmark. So much so that he is asking for Mr. Soudas’s recall from the Copenhagen climate-change conference. ...

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