Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jane Taber Proves That the Canadian Media Has Finally Hit Bottom (We Hope)

With Stephen Harper's communication team now taking all of his photos, writing his copy and providing footage for television; it would appear that many in the media are left with far too much time on their hands.

Jane Taber is obviously one of them.

I just read her list of the ten most irritating politicians for 2009, and while the topic does nothing to improve democracy in Canada, because it helps to turn people away from the polls; the photo used in the story was inexcusable.

What did Michael Ignatieff's wife ever do to Jane that she warranted such disrespect? Has our media really sunk to this level?

Glen Pearson wrote in October that the press was becoming Canada's natural governing body, because they have the power to make or break a politician. How true.

But while they may take credit as king makers, they must also shoulder some of the blame for what is happening today. They have handed Stephen Harper a dictatorship and so long as they have people like Jane Taber in their midst, that dictatorship will remain in place for the rest of his natural life.

Of course Janie named Michael Ignatieff as the most irritating because his TV ads did not personally attack his opponents. What a horrible man, right?

That Stephen Harper doesn't let the media anywhere near him or his caucus, apparently doesn't ruffle her feathers a bit. Maybe she's never actually tried to get near him, and hasn't yet been roughed up by the RCMP for her efforts.

Her next two choices are Pierre Poilievre and John Baird. That was too easy. That pair annoy the hell out of everyone. If she'd added the name of Dimitri Soudas, we would have our own homegrown Three Stooges.

She adds Rick Hillier next and I have to agree. Not because he's annoying, but due to the fact that he fell from grace so quickly. I actually gave him one of my Joe Canadian awards, but he has really let me down.

Another interesting choice was Liberals on Twitter. She singles out a 'fat joke' made by a Liberal MP against Dean Del Mastro. I linked to the article and was surprised to find this: "His staff uses Google to alert them to any mention of their boss."

While I'm thrilled that we are paying their salaries to perform such an important mission, it's peaked my interest. I have posted on Del Maestro before, and now believe I may have to run a little series. I'll call it "Google this trolls for Dean Del Mastro". Kinda' catchy don't you think? Eeeeek!

But perhaps Ms Taber should spend a bit more time on Twitter tracking down comments. Reformer Blake Richards tweeted a horrible remark about Pierre Trudeau. I don't remember his son singling out Richards, wasting valuable time in the House. Jason Kenney Tweeted that Liberal senator Romeo Dallaire was a fag.

Maybe twits twittering twas a twoubling twitch so lets twop twits tweetering twoubles by twitching their tweeters off! (say that fast three times)

Taber continues with her 'single' annoying politicians by including all environmental protesters and the entire NDP caucus. Way to go Jane. That education's really paying for ya', huh?

I think I'm going to compile my own list of the top ten most annoying media personalities. Don't worry Jane. I've got a special spot for you.

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  1. You want annoying, really ANNOYING?

    Just listen to Jane Taber for more than 10 seconds and a root canal or pregnancy begins to look good.

    Like the wind whistling through an rusty beer can.

    Then. there's CTV news and . . . .

    Don't get me started!