Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Conservatives Refuse to Apologize for Bullet Hole Photo on Website

If you go on the Reform Conservative website today they still have a horrendous photo of Stephane Dion with bullet holes in the wall behind him and a line up of suspects below.

It is very tacky, and despite many complaints, they still flaunt it with glee.

This was approved by the party and obviously seen many times by Harper, yet they continue to display it. What kind of people would promote this kind of thing?

Ironically, as part of a photo shop campaign, there appeared very briefly a photo of Stephen Harper in the Oswald assassination scene, before being removed as inappropriate. This was not designed by any Liberal staffer, as the horrible Conservative designed Dion assassination attempt above.

But obviously to try and deflect attention from the Detaineee issue and bumbling in Copenhagen, the Reformers have gotten themselves into a right flap.

Jeff Jedras mentions the hypocrisy on his blog after a heated radio appearance, and of course little Pee Pee got in on the action:

Everyone's favourite Conservative MP, Pierre Poilievre, weighs-in (I guess he didn't get the talking-points from the PMO not to comment):

But Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre called on Ignatieff to deliver a direct apology for the shocking photos.

"This disturbing picture appeared on the official Liberal party website and Michael Ignatieff is responsible for the actions of his party," he said. "Mr. Ignatieff should do the honourable thing."

Just for fun, here's Pierre a few weeks ago on accusing MPs of supporting anti-semitism:

Federal Conservatives say Liberal MP Irwin Cotler is pretending to play the victim as he attempts to wring an apology for a flyer they sent to his riding that he says accuses him of being anti-Semitic.

Quoting a conservative columnist, Tory MP Pierre Poilievre told a Commons committee on Tuesday that politicians live to be unjustly accused of something because the opportunities to play victim are too tempting.”“I think that puts some of this into its proper context,” Mr. Poilievre said.

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