Friday, December 11, 2009

Harper Makes Breaking Up With His Staffers a Little Easier

Recognizing how painful it must be to leave their jobs with this oh so fun loving and fair government, Harper has made it a little easier, by offering them a fistful of our money.

Let's hope it's not like the $ 40,000.00 paid to Rahim Jaffer's assistant back in the day.

But this ethical group would never resort to "hush money", right? I mean what possible secrets could they have?

Tories have 'orgy' with money

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has paid out nearly $7 million to political staffers who have left their jobs over the past two years.

The amount of "separation pay" that was doled out at the discretion of cabinet ministers is more than twice the amount the Conservatives were obliged to pay departing political aides under government guidelines.

In a response to a written question tabled in the House of Commons, Treasury Board president Vic Toews revealed that between Oct. 19, 2007, and Oct. 19, 2009, the government handed out $2.01 million to aides in severance pay and $4.9 million in separation pay.

The government did not say how many people received payouts.

Under the government's guidelines, political staffers are entitled to two weeks of severance pay for each year of service -- regardless of whether they resigned, were laid off or dismissed.

Those who had previously worked for a member of Parliament or for the public service could be entitled to an extra week of severance pay for each year of service in those roles.

However, cabinet ministers also have the discretion to pay departing staffers separation pay of up to four months salary on top of their severance pay.

NDP finance critic Thomas Mulcair described the $7 million payout as "an outrage" and an "orgy with public money."

"When they are letting go staff, they are treating the public purse like it was a Conservative candy store," he said.

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