Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Canada's Shame is Going Global. Jim Prentice Must be Detained in Afghanistan

One more reason why we must not allow Harper to prorogue Parliament again, is how he and his party are handling climate change. Everything is secret and when secrets are revealed, things are worse than we first anticipated.

They continue to embarrass us and have made Canada a laughing stock. It's no wonder they're slipping in the polls. Let's grease up those polls and slide them to the bottom. Stephen Harper has got to go.

The group that set out to expose little 'Jimmy do nothing', has gone public. They are my heroes. Keep up the pressure guys. The Canadian people are being held hostage and we need your help.

December 15, 2009 8:14 AM
Meet the merry climate pranksters who put Canada on the spot
Jane Taber

1. Hoax explained. The Yes Men called this morning from Denmark; they’re the merry band of anti-globalization and environmental pranksters who wreaked havoc on the Copenhagen climate conference yesterday, badly embarrassing Canada.

Although they are American, they say about five or six Canadian activists were involved in their prank but The Yes Men are refusing to identify them. “They have chosen to remain a bit under the radar,” said one of the group members. ...

2. Corridor chatter. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is at the conference reporting to us that Canada is suggesting even weaker targets. “Does not make us look good,” she wrote in an email this morning.

However, she said that the Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen is holding a press conference today: “The role of the provinces continues to keep at least some ‘bright spots’ for Canada.” The provinces, such as Quebec and Ontario, have proposed ambitious reduction targets.

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