Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quebec Takes Aim at the Harper Government

After learning that the Reformers didn't even show up for the committee meeting yesterday and that they may try to prorogue Parliament (for three months) to avoid any further discussion on the Detainee issue; I am very concerned with what this will mean for democracy in Canada.

Quebec pundits are also concerned with the Harper government, so once again our national unity is being threatened. This may be worse than the crisis they got us into last year. A year ago they lied about a coalition government being unconstitutional, this year they are lying that handing over memos will be a threat to national security.

And yet they continue to get away with it. Maybe Canadians really do like being hoodwinked.

Quebec pundits pounce on general's about-face

A dramatic about-face from Canada's Chief of the Defence Staff prompted a new round of criticism of Stephen Harper's government in the Quebec opinion pages last week.

On Wednesday, General Walter Natynczyk admitted that a prisoner beaten by Afghan interrogators in 2006 had previously been taken into custody by Canadian forces. This statement contradicted his testimony before a parliamentary committee a day earlier....

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