Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Move Over Sarah Palin. Cheryl Gallant is Now the Most Ignorant Woman on the Planet!

Most days I try to forget that my tax dollars go to pay the salary of someone as obnoxious as Cheryl Gallant, but then she'll rear her ugly head and say something so vile that it's beyond comprehension.

Today was such a day.

Not being too bright, I can forgive the fact that she has no idea about international law and that if we don't hold a public inquiry on the torture of detainees, they will hold one for us ... at the Hague!

Cheryl ... this is not a good thing!

I was glad that the motion passed to hold a public inquiry; by a vote of 146 – 129, but letting this absolutely clueless woman have the last word is unforgivable.

According to Katy O'Malley: " …it turns out that the last speaker today will be — Cheryl Gallant, who begins by stating that she was told by a Canadian soldier that every time the Afghanistan mission is debated in Canada, more soldiers die; according to this unnamed soldier, who may or may not exist, “credits the leader of the NDP with the death of his best friend.” On that extraordinary note, she sits down, and Layton, to his credit, says none of the things that a less temperate soul might utter in response to such a charge, and merely points out that it was actually Gallant’s leader — the prime minister — who has stressed the need to consult parliament when such missions are being considered, and who brought the matter to the House himself."

Something else that Gallant might not be able to wrap her head around is the fact that many experts are claiming that our reputation for allowing torture, put our soldiers at risk, and that we are suffering more casualties per capita than any other NATO country.

Torture is a war crime and every time Gallant opens her mouth it's torture for those who have to listen to her nonsense.

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