Monday, February 1, 2010

Four Days and Andrew Scheer is Still AWOL

Several days ago I accepted a challenge from Conservative MP Andrew Scheer. He suggested on a morning radio program that if anyone wished to contact him, he would gladly explain his party's reason for suspending our democracy.

It's been four days now and I still have not heard from him. Do you think he's OK? Should we send out a search party? Please contact him because maybe the problem's on my end.

I mean, no elected official would dare ignore the Canadian public, would they? And to think this man may have had a career in politics.

Anyway, I just sent my third email. I'll keep you posted.

Hello again. This is my third email to you, taking you up on your offer to explain why you think it was democratic to remove the public from OUR pubic institutions.

This is rather alarming, since despite the fact that you have sent everyone away, your party is continuing to make important decisions without input or debate. Perhaps democracy wasn't one of your priorities, but I can assure that it is very important to Canadians. On Remembrance Day we pay homage to veterans and fallen soldiers, who fought to give this country a special gift; yet you have chosen to destroy it.

But remember this. Our fight for democracy did not end on those battlefields, and it's something that Canadians will vigorously defend. Lest we forget has become 'we remember' and we will not relinquish this to you without a fight. Our votes will be our weapons of choice.

So please prove me wrong, because your silence is suggesting that you simply don't care.

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