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Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament 31 Days of Action

I love this video and the words are there, so sing along. This is grassroots at it's best. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Putting themselves out there for democracy. What could be more Canadian than that?

So to update you on our movement; and if you haven't joined Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, you can do so here. If you're afraid, we don't bite, but if you want you can just view the live feed and you don't have to join at all. Although I think once you see what we're about, you'll be our newest member.

But everyday ask yourself: "What have I done for my democracy today?" It can be a very small gesture that can have an enormous impact.

CAPP has now launched their 31 Days of Action. This represents the number of days until our government gets back to work. Most of the tasks are small, but man are they rewarding. I just emailed a Conservative MP and am drafting my letter to the editor. I am so pumped.

CAPP is like a drug that won't get you a one year mandatory sentence.

Note - I now have the info for the I love Democracy Valentine Cards: Please send Valentine's Day Cards for Mr Harper (eg. I love... Democracy). CAPP will deliver the mass of them all at once. get family + friends to send cards too. Please copy and repost this message regularly so the word gets out. The address is: Mr Harper c/o P.O. Box 693, Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0. Pass it on.


The Anti-Prorogation Rallies were an incredible success. As we draw closer to Parliament's eventual return on March 3rd, it is important that we find new and creative ways to keep the issue alive. Between February 1st and March 3rd, we have 31 days. That's 31 days to get involved, get informed and get out there.

The issue needs to be kept alive at the local level. Here is a list of 31 activities you can do over the next 31 days. Do you have what it takes? Some of them you can do from the comfort of your chair, others require group organization and even some running. Whatever you decide to do, do it with the respect and civility that has defined this movement thus far.When you've completed any of these 31 goals, share it with us. Post photos to the event wall or mention it on the main CAPP forum.

Help build the sense of community that we've developed and give others encouragement. No one is required to get involved or support these activities, and you are encouraged to put forward ideas that resonate with you and your community.


1) WRITE YOUR MP - This movement started with the simple act of writing to your member of parliament, and look what we've accomplished. Keep those letters coming: whether your MP is in Ottawa or in the riding, write to them and ask for weekly updates. If they are in your community, try to arrange a meeting time. Forward your emails to so we have a record, in case any of them claim “they haven't received any feedback”.

2) SEND LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Structure your letter so that it ties prorogation with local issues or let people know about your experiences with your MP.

3) CALL TALK RADIO - A lot of people listen to talk radio so it's a perfect opportunity to let your voice be heard. Even if you don't agree with the commentator, it's important to engage them respectfully and avoid name calling or bickering. Just keep focused on the issue.

4) DEMOCRACY TORCH RELAY - Some communities will be hosting a torch relay for democracy during the Olympics. If you're interested, you can find more information here:

5) CANDLELIGHT VIGIL - Some communities have discussed holding a candlelight vigil to lament our lack of government. This is still in the planning stages, but more information will be available soon.

6)“WHERE'S DEMOCRACY?” PHOTO CHALLENGE - Sam Philips is organizing a cross Canada photo competition. Participants sign up and will receive a handcrafted mace in the mail and will take photos in their community. You can find details here:

7. DISTRIBUTE BATHROOM LITERATURE - What separates public washrooms from private ones is the lack of reading material. Why not leave a couple fliers for people to reflect upon?

8) ORGANIZE FLASH RALLIES - Many ministers are currently blitzing across the country. You can find out where they are on government websites. If they are coming to your community, you will usually have less than 24 hours to organize a quick demonstration. Work with your local Chapter to help get the word out. Whenever possible, try to engage the minister in conversation, but some of them have been sneaky so be sure to watch the back doors.

9)ATTEND TOWN HALL MEETINGS - Local MPs may be holding town hall meetings during the next month. Attend if you can and respectfully engage them in a conversation explaining why you think prorogation is an important matter.

10)DISTRIBUTE FLIERS - Head down to your local farmer's market or public space and politely hand out informational fliers. Don't be pushy or getting into people's faces. Find someway to identify yourself and people that are interested can engage you if they want. Many local chapters have fliers, but we will have a link to some soon.

11) PUT UP POSTERS - You can make colour photocopies at Staples for 49 cents a page. Throw in a couple staples or some tape, and you can help spread the word by canvasing your neighbourhood in posters.

12) GET INVOLVED IN YOUR LOCAL CAPP CHAPTER - The success of the rallies was due to dedicated volunteers operating in their local CAPP organization. These groups are autonomous and set their own goals. Visit to see if there is a chapter in your community and if they are meeting in the near future. Attend and share your ideas.

13) LEAVE COMMENTS ON ONLINE ARTICLES - This is something you can do from the comfort of your desk. All online news sources have some commenting feature. Take a minute and leave a comment, and agree/disagree with the comments of others.

14)“I LOVE DEMOCRACY” VALENTINES GREETING FOR HARPER - This one is still in the planning stages, but some folks in Ottawa are encouraging people to send them Valentines cards for democracy, which will be hand delivered to the Prime Minister's Office. Mailing information will be made available, check back soon.

15)TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT PROROGATION - Going out for drinks with friends? Why not drop the P-Bomb during the conversation? Many Canadians are still unfamiliar with the issue, so talk to them about it and find out what they think.

16) CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAPP FORUMS - If you're here, chances are you're a CAPP Facebook contributor. Post encouragements, relevant news and what you've been up to. Keep it civil and we'll keep on the right track.

17)RALLY IN OTTAWA - Some members in Ottawa have expressed an interest in another rally on Parliament Hill on March 3rd, the day parliament resumes. If you're in the area, be sure to visit the Ottawa chapter's page for more details and if it is going ahead:

18) CIRCULATE A PETITION - Draft up a petition in your community. Not an online one, but one that you can distribute in your community and get people to physically sign. There are certain criteria to have a petition accepted into the House of Commons, you can find more information here:

19) HOST A CONCERT - Anyone whose heard Trevor Strong's "The Wild Proroguer" knows the power of the creative spirit in this movement. Why not organize a concert? You can have politically minded songs, or simply create a relaxed atmosphere in which CAPP members can relax and chat. It could be a large event or a small gathering at a pub. If you've got a Stephen Harper mask handy, why not bring out the piano and let them man himself entertain the crowd? Work with your community group to get something like this off the ground.

20) VOTE +1In a democracy, elections are inevitable. When the day comes, be sure to get out and vote, and bring along a friend, colleague or stranger who has never voted before. The 2008 election had the lowest voter turn-out in Canadian history. Let's show them that Canada can be the come-back kid and give the next one the greatest turn-out...EVER.

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