Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For My Democracy Today I am Donating to a Political Party

If we have any hope of removing this corrupt and dangerous government from power, and taking our country back; we must donate a bit of money to the progressive party of our choice.

Join them if you're able, so they know you're on their side. Most membership fees are about $ 10.00.

And if you can, throw a few bucks their way now and then. They'll need it to be able to campaign effectively.

Harper has the backing of the corporate elite and the wealthy religious right (though he's still using OUR money to campaign), while the other parties have to compete with each other for support.

I can't just sit and do nothing, while they destroy this beautiful country, and tarnish our good name.

We have to get them out of office and hopefully have Jason Kenney committed, because that boy needs some serious help.

So here are the links. If you have other parties you would like me to add, send them to me and I'll post them. But remember, this election it has to be about getting rid of this horror show. We can't let vote-splitting hang us up again.

I'm listing them in alphabetical order

You can join or donate to the Green Party here.

You can join or donate to the Liberal Party here.

You can join or donate to the NDP here.

Read their platforms. Email them if you need more information.

But above all: VOTE


  1. For democracy today: Send a Valentine to Harper/your NP /party leaders stating I LOVE DEMOCRACY

  2. I've never seriously considered donating to a political party. I think the time is now.