Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Harper's Evangelical Money Tap Still Flowing But Opposition Fortunes are Also Rising

When Harper decided to tap into the theo-cons for support, he turned on the money tap of the Religious Right, who see him as their best hope at achieving their Old Testament goals. They may be the Nuts on the Hill, but they've got big wallets and even bigger plans for this country.

However, it was nice to hear that the the Opposition members have resonated with ordinary Canadians, and that their fortunes are also on the rise.

If we hope to get this country out of the clutches of evil, we have to support all progressive parties. I'm going to provide links soon to make donations. Just have to track them all down.

Even if it's just $10.00, every bit counts.

We are encouraging the opposition parties to work together, because we will need all hands on deck to get this horrible party out of office, before they completely destroy our reputation and our country.

I'm now hoping for a March election, or the formation of a coalition.

PM's poor conduct fills opposition coffers
February 2, 2010
Jane Taber

Stephen Harper behaving badly. There is a correlation between the Prime Minister's behaviour, Liberal Party President Alfred Apps says, rising poll numbers and how much money his party is able to raise. “Whenever Stephen Harper behaves badly our donations levels go up -

The NDP also had good numbers by sticking to positive messaging:

The NDP, meanwhile, are thrilled with their results. Campaign director Brad Lavigne says that for New Democrats, 2009 represents the best non-election fourth-quarter to date. The NDP raised $1.6-million in the period ending in December. He says this is up more than $1-million from the first quarter of 2009 and that the party raised more money on-line in December than it did in the previous 11 months combined.

Reasons? “We sent out better targeted emails on a more frequent basis,” he says. And their campaign on "Making Parliament Work” drove a good response.

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