Monday, February 8, 2010

Broken Soldiers: Yet Another Reason to Rethink Afghanistan

Many Canadians have become complacent about the war. It will end next year, so why bother?

But it's not something we can just wrinkle our nose at and it will go away.

This country is still at war, and the Afghan Detainee story has soured many against the 'mission'.

After a very successful campaign, we started to believe that maybe what we were doing was noble, and Harper was right to get us all on board.

But then in an act of cowardice, he is now allowing our troops to take the fall for his own grievous errors in judgement, and we can't let that happen.

This country must mourn not just our dead, but our broken soldiers, who did the best job they could, in a place where we should never have poked our nose in, in the first place.

The Hill Times highlights this issue. It speaks of our soldiers coming home to an ambivalent public, soured over our leaders possible complicity in torture. But we can't blame our men and women in uniform. That makes us no better than Stephen Harper.

And of course the recent news of the commander at CFB Trenton being charged with murder is not going to help much either.

Afghanistan veterans on disability now 6,000 Forces,
Veterans Affairs reluctant to disclose casualty records after eight years of war.
February 8, 2010

More than 6,000 Canadian Forces members and discharged veterans who are receiving physical or psychiatric disability benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada have either served in Afghanistan or have a disability that has been related to their service in Afghanistan, the department says ....

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