Thursday, February 4, 2010

ALERT: I Think Andrew Scheer Has Been Kidnapped and I Have the Name of His Captor

About a week ago, one of our CAPP members, Sarah MacDonald, who is now teaching in Oman; was on a local morning radio show in Saskatchewan.

She was discussing her one woman, one camel, protest against the suspension of our democracy.

After her interview, Conservative MP Andrew Scheer came on, and promised anyone who contacted him, that he would explain how Harper's recent power grab fit in with his definition of democracy.

Naturally, I was eager to debate this man, so I emailed him right away. I then poured a coffee and waited for the familiar beep, signalling that I had mail.

Tap ... tap ... tap. Hmm.

After two days and still no word from Andy, I decided to email him again.

Tap ... tap ... tap. Hmm.

So by now, I was getting a little annoyed, but to give him the benefit of the doubt, I sent him a third email.

That one ignited a very strange response, because I still did not hear from Andy, but instead from a man by the name of Stephen Hurst, who wanted me to send him my mailing address. So I did.

Is Mr. Hurst ready to negotiate a ransom? Should I demand to see a picture of Mr. Scheer holding up a paper with today's headline? I've never been involved in a kidnapping before.

However, I have contemplated the ransom, and have decided to accept nothing less than one million dollars in unmarked bills and the re-opening of Parliament. If he isn't prepared to meet my demands, he can keep him. Sorry Andy.

I'll let you know what he says.

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