Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Your Father's Conservative Party: A Glimpse at Harper's New Fox News North

The new definition of "conservatism" has nothing to do with being moderate or cautious, the very fundamentals of the term, but is a radical swing to the right.

Now one could argue that they oppose change and want a return to "traditional values", but sadly those traditional values, as stated by Fox personality Bill O'Reilly, are to oppose the "break down of the white Christian male power structure". That's it in a nutshell. He only left out the word "heterosexual", but don't worry. Fox news loves to gay bash almost as much as they love to Obama bash.

After learning that Stephen Harper made a deal a year ago with Fox news to replicate their "white Christian male power structure" program in Canada, using our money to pay Ari Fleisher to set the thing up (Guy Giorno paid him first and drew the contract up after the fact and $ 50,000.00), we can now see why this government has been working so hard to abolish Canada's hate crime laws. Our human rights commission would have to set up shop in the lobby of Fox News North, because this station is a hate crime.

And between the "new" Republicans, the Religious Right and Fox News, they have turned the conservative brand in the U.S. into a freak show. As David Badash states on the New Civil Rights Movement: "Welcome to the New GOP, and to the New America. It’s not your father’s GOP, it’s not your father’s America. It’s your grandfather’s." And by that he means a return to the normalizing of things like "Faggot and Nigger".

I actually winced typing the "N" word and was going to only call it the "N" word, except that we need to be shocked into reality. And these new "Tea Parties" that are taking America by storm, are nothing but a return of the old hate groups, now legitimized by Fox.

Today we have a new breed espousing old, bigoted beliefs. Under the guise of the health care reform debates, the past year of town halls and tea parties empowered them. They were there all along, but had the good sense to stay quiet. But, thanks to Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachmann, Fox News, and the Internet, the Tea Party — the latest incarnation of the GOP — has brought them all out of the closet. Time was, it was OK to quietly call someone a “nigger,” or a “faggot.” Then, America, for a time, grew a bit more mature, and those bigots had to segregate themselves and their beliefs. But those days, it seems, are over.

Today, it seems, it’s OK to yell, “nigger” at members of the Congressional Black Caucus, if you’re a Tea Partier who was just riled up and stirred up by the Republican Leadership (even when doing so is “kind of fun,”) as Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) experienced this weekend. It’s OK to spit on a black member of Congress, as Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) experienced this weekend. And it’s OK to be called a “faggot,” as Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) experienced this weekend.

And of course Canada's Religious Right is joining the hate mobile, as their guru Charles McVety is inviting Karl Rove to Canada to speak.

And speaking of Charles McVety, his partner in Christians United for Israel, John Hagee, can be seen in the following video, when he appeared for a full hour on, you guessed it, Fox news! The man should be in a home.

Some of the comments at the end of Badash's article are telling:

"This, unfortunately, is true. I used to be proud of being an American, with one of the best forms of government in the world. But no longer am I proud ..." and "I have to agree this is sad. All this over something that is good. People need to look past their nose and see whats ahead ..."

But this one from Edwin, a Canadian, more so: "It always amazes me, being Canadian, just how resistant the Republican/Tea Party is to ... well ... anything. Universal Health Care, gays in the military, protection from employment discrimination - we've done it all here already, and without the acrimony, violence, and hatred ..."

Well hang on to your hat Edwin. Stephen Harper and his Fox News North is about to change all that.

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