Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fake Lakes, Fake Prime Ministers and Fake Economic Statements

With everything about these summits being fake, one thing that is real is the cost to taxpayers.

Louise Elliot also reveals the hidden costs of having a fake fiasco.
Many people are arguing that the current price tag for the summit is misleading. That's because it doesn't factor in the massive economic cost of effectively shutting down downtown Toronto. The tricky part is, it's almost impossible to put a dollar figure on lost revenue in advance of the event. I took a trip down to the Toronto's downtown core, where the summit will be held, to assess the situation.

It's the uncertainty that's keeping business owners like Hugh Mansfield up at night."So it would be fairly easy for somebody to get in here, if somebody was up here now. Again, just the added expense of what's going to happen if there's ten people in that freight elevator with a baseball bat..."Mansfield is busy these days trying to secure all the rickety old entrances to this warehouse which houses his communications and marketing firm.

"This leads to a fire escape but it's all under alarm system right now, but you know, it's not rocket science to get onto this fire escape from outside..." Mansfield's warehouse -- smack in the middle of Toronto's entertainment district -- is just two blocks north of the summit's northern perimeter-- right where the waves of protesters are expected to wash against a 10 foot fence and then rebound, venting their fury in the surrounding streets. Mansfield says his decision to close the office for all of next week was a no-brainer. "Watching helicopters flying in formation over your office is a little daunting. As well as seeing dress rehearsals of various people in various combat gear on a daily basis." Mansfield believes the business closures will come at a significant cost not just to his business, but to the Canadian economy at a whole.
I think we should just cancel them. Roll up our fake lake and forget the whole thing.

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