Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still More on Hatred Being Validated by Conservative Movement

A CULTURE OF DEFIANCE: History of the Reform-Conservative Party of Canada

The above is part three of the documentary White Power USA: The Rise of Right-Wing Militia in America, that discusses the resurgence of the hate movement, now validated by the Conservatives in both the U.S. and Canada. The filmmaker suggests that many so-called anti-immigration movements are simply the re-packaging of white supremacists.

We see how this group reels people in by focusing on the economy and jobs, and then once inside, it becomes 'White Power'. But what alarmed the narrator even more was when the leader of the group started making references to 'Jesus'.

I mentioned in part two, a Canadian anti-Immigration site that fits this profile to a 'T'. It's called Immigration Watch Canada, and though the founder and director, Tim Murray, is from Vancouver; most of the links and data come from American anti-immigration sites, and include many references to the 'Tea Parties'.

IWC was founded in 2003 but only picked up steam when another anti-immigration, anti-multicultural group was elected, now calling themselves the Conservative Party of Canada.

Like their American counterpart, they lure you in with economic arguments:

We believe (based on the federal government's own economic research and Canada's own previous tradition of adhering to labour absorptive capacity) that there are limits to the number of workers of any type that a country needs or can absorb. Present immigration levels in Canada pay no attention to the principle of economic absorptive capacity, ignore a real unemployment level of over 2 million and seem to assume that Canada can admit a virtually limitless number of new workers.As a result, immigration levels have far exceeded Canada's economic absorptive capacity. In effect, they are an historical anomaly. Adhering to labour absorptive capacity in the past has meant that when Canada needed workers from outside its borders, it looked for those workers. When it did not need them, it did not look for them.

They then go on to talk about "Asian Invasions", a "Multicultural Holocaust" and claim that "Mexican Refugees Compete With Homeless For Housing."

And of course, they also bring in the big guy, JC himself.

MOHAMMED WAS NOT ANOTHER JESUS - The purpose of Patrick Grady's novel "Royal Canadian Jihad" is to teach Canadians about Islam. It is also to warn them about the potential dangers of some Muslims who have settled in Canada. It is definitely not another version of the harmless Muslims portrayed in CBC Television's "Little Mosque On The Prairie".

IF JESUS WERE LIVING IN CANADA, WHAT NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS COULD HE MAKE?Most parts of the world have just celebrated another anniversary of the birth of Jesus the Christ. However, as Christians are aware, only 2 of the Gospels actually describe Jesus' birth and all four of them leave readers to deduce, almost completely, what Jesus did in his formative years. Although Jesus' adult life is often portrayed in soft, sentimental terms, he had a very strong edge. In particular, he had a low tolerance for hypocrites. Ironically enough, a number of Canada's high immigration advocates invoke Jesus to justify their views and to declare their similarity to Jesus. But if Jesus were living in Canada today, we suspect he would feel very uncomfortable standing alongside these self-proclaimed humanitarians : In fact, we suspect he would make the following immigration-related resolutions at the beginning of 2009 ...

Yes I'm sure Jesus would separate individuals by skin colour and look at all the land in Canada and say "there is no more room".

But there is even more to this story unfortunately, that again should raise alarms. Murray also writes for an online paper called Canada Free Press. The only thing Canadian about it is the word 'Canada' in their name. In fact the sub-title is "Because without America there is no Free World."

They run a countdown until Obama leaves office, reminiscent of Harper's National Citizens Coalition who did the same for Jean Chretien. They promote the tea parties and one of their editors also writes for Fox News and Glenn Beck!!!

And another, Chase Clift, is "a 9th grade student living in a suburb of Austin, Texas attempting to write but have started as a social network editor along with CFP as well as pushing the Southern Secessionist movement in which he is a mere volunteer. Chase is currently working with the Confederate Liberation Society."

Loon Watch says of the founder of Southern Secessionist movement, Bob Beer: In this case we have Bob Beers writing for the Canada Free Press which surprisingly gets a lot of traffic while peddling in some of the most hate filled and racist commentary on the Internet...

"Most hate filled and racist commentary on the Internet?" In Canada?

And they also speak of our little Texas ninth grader: "Yet, why do so many take the Canada Free Press seriously? Their social networking editor is a ninth grader by the name of Chase Clift who in his spare time likes to volunteer for the Southern Secessionist Movement and also works for the Confederate Liberation Society which extols the virtues of the Confederacy and revisits history to condemn Abraham Lincoln. The Society’s goal is “an official Peace Treaty signed with the United States of America and a swift transfer of all powers to the government of the Confederate States of America.”

Oh and of course if you want to rent out speakers, one of them is Dr. Tim Ball. I know all environmentalists just went into the fetal position. Ball (Friends of Science fame) is the kook that the Fraser institute hired on Harper's behalf to convince Canadians that Global warming wasn't real. Apparently Mr. "Colossal Fossil" just wasn't getting the job done.

The Canadian media ignored the threat of the Religious Right until it is now almost too late to do anything about them, and they are ignoring this underlying resurgence of hate groups. They hide behind anti-tax, anti-immigration and (pseudo) "Christian" rhetoric, but their message is always the same. If you are not white, male and their version of a Christian, you have no place at the table.

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