Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The RCMP to Undergo Name Change to Better Fit With the Times

Late breaking news. The RCMP have finally decided to cut to the chase and adopt a name more fitting to their new mandate.

The Reliable Conservative Mudslinging Pawns

Their motto is no longer "we always get our man", but "we always get our Liberal".

And borrowing from the postal service, that is being sold to some unknown country for a handful of beans and a year's supply of hair gel for Gary Lunn (as soon as they find enough transports to haul it in), they claim that "neither rain, nor snow, nor hail, will keep them from beating up any reporter who tries to ask Herr Harper a question".

As David Climenhaga asks:

Are taxpayers screaming at you because summit security is costing them $1 billion a day? Does threatening talk of a Liberal-NDP coalition just refuse to go away? And are ordinary voters telling pollsters they like the idea? Are you worried what the Auditor General's examination of your MPs' expense accounts might reveal?

Have you just fired a minister because her husband, fresh from wiggling off the hook for drunk driving and drugs possession, was hanging around with unsavoury characters and saying something about his past friendship with you? Has your fake lake leaked $2 million worth of red ink? Worse, have the Liberals made a funny TV ad about it? Who's a prime minister gonna call? Why, Gritbusters, of course!

Gritbusters, otherwise known as trusty Horsemen of the RCMP: They're not much for getting their man nowadays, it would seem, unless he's cowering in a corner at an airport or a jail cell. But they sure can be depended upon to always get their Grit if he happens to pose a danger to a Conservative politician anywhere.

And as he reminds us:

So, back in the day when the Horsemen were supposedly mounting a criminal investigation of a leak of income trust information during the 2006 federal election campaign, then RCMP Commissioner Dudley Zaccardelli made sure that the
press release named Liberal Finance Minister
Ralph Goodale. The Mounties' toothless complaints commissioner later admitted this was "not in keeping with past practice" -- which I guess in laymen's terms means it was malicious politically motivated horse-pucky without a whiff of justification. But, hey, who knew?

So, reported the Globe and Mail, way back in the mists of forgettable time, "polling numbers from late 2005 and early 2006 show what the complaints commissioner described as a 'dramatic shift' of support from the ruling Liberals to the Conservatives consistent with the timing of the RCMP disclosures on the income trust file."

The rest, as they say, was history. Unfortunately, it was our history.

James Travers has written extensively on the corruption within the RCMP ranks and their undying loyalty to the Reformers, but I must admit they've outdone themselves this time. In the midst of all the bad press for King Steve , they suddenly remembered a ten yer old warrant that they "forgot" to deliver that was related to the sponsorship scandal.

Now how do you suppose that happened?

Shows how desperate he is when he's still flogging that dead horse ... pun intended.

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