Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Libby Davies is not anti-Semitic. Has Jack Layton Gone Nuts?

I am so mad I could scream. Libby Davies is one of the most devoted and competent Members of Parliament and Canada is absolutely blessed to have her. The Conjob Nutjobs have been gunning for her for ages, but now her own caucus is turning on this woman? What in the hell is going on????

New Democratic Party deputy leader Libby Davies is in hot water in her own caucus over controversial comments she made this month at an anti-Israeli protest when she appeared to question the Jewish state's right to exist, while
also suggesting that she believes it should face a boycott and sanctions.

The remarks, made in Vancouver and captured on a video now circulating rapidly on the Internet, have provoked an angry backlash among members of the NDP caucus, including Leader Jack Layton — who quickly distanced himself from Davies.

"I have spoken to the (Israeli) ambassador (to Canada), to indicate very clearly that those comments were not the position of our party and Ms. Davies has sent a letter indicating that she made a very serious mistake," Layton said. "I told her it was a serious mistake."

For the record, the population of Israel is 75.4% Jewish, 20.3% Arab and 4.3% other. So if I say that Israel, the country, is guilty of the most horrendous war crimes, am I also anti-Arab or anti-'Other'? Get a grip people.

Jason Kenney is a moron, John Hagee is nuts and Charles McVety is pure evil. These three stooges from hell want Canada to host the End Times and ship all the Jews back to Israel where they will convert to Christianity or be slaughtered. In this new Orwellian world, they are "normal" and Libby Davies is anti-Semitic.

And what prompted this nonsense? She wasn't sure how long Israel had illegally occupied the West Bank, only that it was too long, a sentiment shared by many Canadians.

As Murray Dobbin points out:
The irony is that Libby is being punished for doing exactly what Jack Layton should be doing: defending the human rights of a people suffering under the oppression of an Apartheid regime.
Maybe it's a good thing that Tommy Douglas is gone, because he would not like what you're turning your party into Mr. Layton. He would not villify Libby but would lead a flotilla with relief for HUMAN SUFFERING! You should be ashamed.

So to Jason Kenney and your ilk, if you can read, read this. I am not anti-Semitic but I oppose the Israeli Apartheid. I do not dislike Jews but I'm not lovin' Israel much these days. I think the human suffering in Palestine, which includes many Christians (Maybe you guys are anti-Christian after all) is unforgivable. And I say these things because I AM CANADIAN!!!

Now come and get me you freaks.

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  1. Dead on Emily Dee . . . Harper's feigned outrage just another grasp at anything to rescue a little popularity,with anyone, at anyone's expense, and now Jack is panicking without taking a stand for Libby - he was never particularly good at defending May's right to participate in the leaders' debate either. Since both the Libs and NDP take turns propping up Harper, and they all fought the expense audit, my vote is looking elsewhere.