Thursday, June 3, 2010

Animal Rights Activists Concerned Over Treatment of Conservative MPs

Animal rights activists are demanding answers to the treatment of three apes found running loose on Parliament Hill.

The beasts were not properly caged and appear not to have not been properly fed, as they were trying to take bites out of a Parliamentary committee.

There is also evidence that the three had been deprived of proper medication resulting in erratic and dangerous behaviour.

Answwering to the names John Baird, Gary Goodyear and Christian Paradis, they are yet to have been subdued so please approach with caution if spotted.

A parliamentary committee looking into the Rahim Jaffer affair descended into a shouting match during an unprecedented — and uninvited — appearance Wednesday by a trio of Conservative cabinet members led by Transport Minister John Baird.

Baird, appearing in Ottawa alongside Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis and junior science minister Gary Goodyear, clashed with opposition MPs on the government operations committee until the testimony of two other witnesses was suspended by a vote call in the House.

The heated appearance was the latest salvo in the battle between Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government and opposition MPs over the Conservatives' decision last week to bar ministerial staffers from appearing before committees as witnesses.

I guess you can take the beast out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the beast.

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