Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jason Kenney Lambasts Government for Overspending on Summit

Jason Kenney is livid that the government is spending so much money hosting these summits:
The federal government "should have chosen a location which wouldn't cost that kind of money," said Jason Kenney ... "There are conference facilities available, I'm sure, in that part of the world as well as across Canada that could have hosted an event like this without spending several million dollars to upgrade them."

The infrastructure money is being used for everything from road repairs and a new outdoor stage to temporary parks that will cover vacant downtown lots. Boards around empty buildings will be painted.

"We're supposed to be a major industrialized country,'' Kenney said from Toronto. "A major industrialized country surely has conference sites where it can host significant dignitaries without having to spend millions of dollars sprucing up the environment.''
I can't believe I'm agreeing with Jason Kenney.

Of course, he isn't talking about his own government's boondoggle, and his words were from 1995. Kady O'Malley dug this up. Love that girl.

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