Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canadians Must Now Get Permission From U.S. Before Flying to Mexico

For anyone who is still in denial that Harper's 'Buy America, Sell Canada' deal signed when he was on his two and a half month vacation, wasn't about trading away our sovereignty; this next story should convince you.

Canadians must now get permission from the United States before flying to any third world country, including Mexico(?!)
The Harper government has quietly presented a bill in the House of Commons that would give U.S. officials final say over who may board aircraft in Canada if they are to fly over the U.S. en route to a third country. "Canadian sovereignty has gone right out the window," Liberal Transport critic Joe Volpe told the Montreal Gazette in a recent telephone interview. "You are going to be subject to American law." Bill C-42 amends Canada's Aeronautics Act to allow airlines to communicate passenger information to "a foreign state" for flights over that country without landing.

... leaving Canada on a flight to Cuba or France, for example, while flying over the U.S. would have their name, birth date and gender subject to screening by U.S. Homeland Security, which involves running that information through various government databases to determine whether there is a terrorist threat. If you have the same name as someone on a no-fly list, you may be questioned, delayed or even barred from the flight. If your name does not match, Homeland Security tells the airline that you may have a boarding pass.

I'd stay home but things are getting worse here everyday.

How are you liking neoconservatism (fascism) so far?

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