Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael Den Tandt Don't You Dare Bring up Martin Luther King

Boy if you could bottle arrogance and sell it, Michael Den Tandt would be a wealthy man. Whenever, Harper is in trouble and needs a poison pen to poke his way out of it, he calls in Den Tandt or Peter Worthington, to talk absolute trash.

There may be a job for him yet at Harper's Fox News North. Just keep spitting it out.

There is nothing quite so smug, contemptuous and vainglorious as a G8 (now G20) protester. If you’re an honest grunt looking for someone to blame for the bloated mess this weekend in Toronto, look no further. And if you’re a fellow traveller who thinks there’s cachet in running amid the teargas, think again. You’re full of it.

You have no credibility. You are not on the side of the great reformers of modern history — Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi. You are not striking a blow in defence of the poor. You are not helping women, blacks or aboriginals.

How do you know what they are protesting? Did you go down and talk with them? Did you talk with Jim Flaherty's pal, Charles McVety? He's down there protesting because sane countries won't support Israel launching a nuclear attack in the Middle East. Fine Christian fella', huh? If you can't convert 'em, just kill 'em.

Under a steady rain, several thousand people marched peacefully through downtown Toronto Saturday to protest the world summits.

Marched peacefully. There were 4200 protesters and 19,000 police officers. The whole country has gone nuts.

"Somewhere I read about freedom of assembly" Martin Luther King

So instead of suggesting that these people find jobs, Mr. Den Tandt, maybe you should get a real one.

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