Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Protests and Activism are Fine But it it is Not Enough to Save Us

The above is Part VII of Mel Hurtig's documentary on YouTube; Who Killed Canada.

In part one he gives an introduction to the infrastructure of the extreme right-wing movement; beginning with the hi-jacking of our media, to the many so-called think-tanks, that provide the 'facts' to that hi-jacked media.

In part two he discusses the reduction in federal revenue that weakened spending in important areas. We learned that we are 25th of the 30 OECD countries, in terms of spending on social programs.

Part three deals with our increasing poverty, that coincides with the increase in corporate profits. And though these 'free market' gurus try to convince us that we should throw in our lot with corporate Canada, they have done nothing to advance Canadian interests or protect this country's citizens.

Part four discussed the fact that although neo-cons would like us to believe that we are overtaxed, Canada is actually 21st of 30 nations in terms of the amount of taxes we pay. It also discusses the fact that our history has been rewritten to erase the important role the First Nations played.

Part five dealt with NAFTA and what a horrible thing this was and is for Canada. We are basically under the control of the United States. We got very little from the deal, and in fact 11,043 Canadian companies have now become foreign controlled.

In part six Mr. Hurtig continued to discuss the effects of NAFTA on Canada and the fact that we have the most foreign owned corporations of any other developed nation. He also mentions the SPP and the fact that the media has not discussed what this deep integration policy means for us.

Part seven discusses the fact that Canadians have become so apathetic in politics, that we are barely even a democracy now.

In a recent scathing report for the UK Guardian, Heather Mallick states: "Out of something as misty as mere indecision, Canadian voters have turned their country into a political freak show. Canada's Conservative government, run by an ideologue named Stephen Harper, does not represent Canadian voters..."

We can protest and advocate, but unless we get involved in the political process, it is all for not. So join a political party, write a letter to the editor, call your MP and above all .... VOTE! Because it is also my dream that this beautiful country will never die.

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