Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kingston's Brian Abrams Reveals That His Government Had no Plan

I was just perusing some of 'Brian's Thoughts' from the last election campaign. The Brian of course is Kingston's 'also ran', Brian Abrams, who is so keen to get elected next time around that he is stealing our tax money to do it.

OK. I know he can't get his own hands on the public purse just yet, but he has other Conservative MPs do his dirty work for him. People like Mike Wallace from Burlington, Blake Richards from Wild Rose Alberta and Rob Anders (the man who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist) from Calgary West.

But make no mistake about it. The junk mail that is filling up our recycle bins was paid for by US! And Abrams wants to be our Member of Parliament? I don't think so. If he's this careless during an economic crisis, how can we ever trust that he will work to get us back in the black.

So I present 'Brian's thoughts from October 2008, which obviously require a little less Brian and a lot more thought. This one he called: 'Real plan versus no plan.'

"Late last year, the Prime Minister saw that a storm was coming (ha ha ha ha ha ha), and in response our Government developed and implemented a plan based on keeping the budget balanced, lowering taxes, protecting Canadian jobs and keeping inflation low. Our plan has worked and it is the reason why Canada is in good shape today.

plan is the reason the World Economic Forum recently rated Canada as having the world's soundest banking system.

plan is the reason Statistics Canada announced this morning that 107,000 jobs were created in September."

Some plan your Party's got going there Brian. At this rate we should be totally bankrupt soon. Grade on these predictions and fabrications: F-

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