Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Am So Damn Mad at Jack Layton and the NDP NOW flogging the Carbon Tax!

The NDP will be holding their convention in Halifax this coming weekend, but are starting to roll out a potential platform.

One of their new policies will be to try to get Stephen Harper a majority, because in a scorched earth scenario, they feel that if the Conservatives completely destroy the country, we will beg the NDP to fix it. (If there's anything left to fix)

That must be it anyway, because they are apparently now devoted to cutting and pasting from the 'Ignatieff Me' website for their next election campaign.

However, that is not what has me the most upset about the whole nonsense. It's the fact that they are now claiming they only supported cap and trade because Harper did, and instead feel they should have gone with the carbon tax. Duh!!!

"In the last federal election, the NDP took the simple route of favouring cap-and-trade over carbon taxes. It ignored the fact that climate change will only ever be controlled by an across-the-board system of carbon pricing that includes both cap-and-trade and a carbon tax of some kind. A better approach would have been to support the intent of St├ęphane Dion's proposal ..."

Now who's just in it for himself?

I thought Jack Layton and the NDP cared about this country and Canadians. Clearly they do not if they hid in the background while the Conservatives hammered away at the Carbon Tax, a policy that most environmentalists and economists agree is the only plan that will work to address global warming.

Well Jackie boy. Will your campaign include 'Michael Ignatieff can't run from the carbon tax?' You're already stealing Conservative rhetoric ... '34 years ... torture ... Iraq' ... without learning the facts.

What a disappointment. Tommy Douglas would be so ashamed.

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