Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Hiding Out in Yellowknife

While the media has been going on and on about
where Michael Ignatieff is supposedly hiding out, he has been travelling the country, introducing himself to Canadians.

As Warren Kinsella points out
, the Liberal leader "...has literally had four times as many events and activities as his main opponent." It just doesn't command much media coverage when the House isn't sitting.

So this story is about Michael Ignatiff hiding out with his feet up in Yellowknife. I'll bet he didn't block anyone from attending his events.
Former N.W.T. premier acclaimed as Liberal candidate
August 24, 2009

Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff landed in Yellowknife on Monday afternoon, in part to show his support for the party's latest addition.

Liberals in the Northwest Territories riding of Western Arctic confirmed on Saturday that former premier Joe Handley will be their next federal candidate.

Handley, who was N.W.T. premier from 2003 until 2007, was the only person to seek the party's nomination.

On his arrival on Monday afternoon in Yellowknife, Ignatieff toured Buffalo Airways' facility at the local airport, then visited a local daycare centre.

Speaking to reporters, Ignatieff said resource revenue sharing is the most important issue facing Canada's North.

"Our vision of the North is tied to making sure that all the peoples of the North get a fair shake out of what's obviously going to be a resource for them over the next five, 10, 15 years," Ignatieff told reporters Monday afternoon.

"We think that we've got to work that out now before the resource boom really hits."

He is also expected to attend a barbecue hosted by the Western Arctic Liberal Association.

Handley, 66, has been working as a private consultant in Yellowknife since he retired from territorial politics in 2007. Handley was appointed to the CBC's board of directors in 2008.

The Western Arctic riding is held by New Democrat Dennis Bevington, who has been the territory's MP since 2006.

The Liberal leader's visit to the N.W.T. comes after Prime Minister Stephen Harper toured the three northern territories last week, in what some had called a pre-election campaign jaunt with numerous repackaged funding announcements.

Green party leader Elizabeth May spent the weekend in Whitehorse, releasing her party's northern strategy on Friday and supporting Yukon Green candidate John Streicker.

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