Friday, August 14, 2009

Jackass Brian Abrams Helps Conservatives Talk Out of Their Butts

Look at the anatomy of a jackass to your right, and you'll see Brian Abrams' campaign poster. He's now a full blown Conservative. Steals our money and his lips don't move when he talks.

As you can probably guess, I got another ten percenter from him today.

What is wrong with that guy? Did he not learn his lesson that Kingston does not like getting this crap outside of an election, and we sure as hell don't want him using our depleting tax dollars to have a CALGARY MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT CAMPAIGN FOR HIM!!!!!!!

Is he a slow learner or just really doesn't give a damn?

The flyer I received in the mail today, is not an attack ad on Michael Ignatieff this time, but rather an 'Are the Conservatives really this stupid ad'? What an insult to our intelligence.

They are blathering on about airport security and all the jobs it has created or will create. What the hell????

Obviously the ability to read is not a criteria to run for this party or they'd know that our jobless rate is spiralling out of control, so the pittance they are offering nation wide will do absolutely nothing. You'd think just once they might put their partisan nonsense aside and figure out what to do about that.

But the ad gets even better. They also promise that they will make our trips more comfortable. How in the heck are they going to do that? Hand out cushions and battery operated fans?

Of course it still has the ridiculous 'Who is on the right track to help Canada's economy' poll. Are they kidding me? Surely they don't think people are stupid enough to check off the party that's abusing our tax dollars to send us junkmail.

Vote for Brian Abrams ... yeah right! Maybe he should fire the Republican pollster he's hired who has obviously advised him to pull this crap, and find out what is really important to Kingstonians. It sure as hell isn't airport security.

Nice that he had Rob Anders do his dirty work for him this time. You might remember that he was the bonehead who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist. Boy you can sure pick 'em Brian.

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