Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rob Clarke and Brian Abrams Not the Only Conservatives Who Lied About Carbon Tax

But they still lied.

The above video shows Conservative MP Rob Clarke reading a message from the PMO (and not very well I might add. Kind of reminds me of grade 4 public speaking exercise), one of many, many delivered by Conservative MPs and candidates alike, who put winning an election above doing what was best for the Canadian public.

Most environmentalists and economists alike, agree that the carbon tax is the best defense against climate change. The Green shift was revenue neutral meaning that any taxes paid would have been returned in the form of tax credits. Even the NDP are now admitting that they should have been more supportive of Mr. Dion's plan.

But what did the Conservatives do and are still doing? They lied, lied and lied again, then when they got tired of simply lying, they started to make stuff up.

Now usually our Kingston candidate Brian Abrams just cuts and pastes from the Conservative website for his 'thoughts' but when he did try to wing it he should have turned off the TV. Apparently Sesame Street that day was brought to you by the number 12, so that was his fabricated statistic for the German unemployment rate, when in fact it was 7.6% in September and 7.7% in August of 2008.

Canada's Sarah Palin also made stuff up, as did most of the gang who have no idea how to address climate change, which is why we are now in last place for action on global warming.

But here's what Brian had to say:

Only you can stop the carbon tax
Saturday, 11 October 2008

"Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Government developed and implemented a plan based on keeping the budget balanced, lowering taxes, protecting Canadian jobs and keeping inflation low. Our plan has been in place for two years. Our plan has worked. Our plan is the reason why Canada is in good shape today.

In three days time, Canadians will choose between a real plan for the economy and a carbon tax that will drive up the cost of everything:

Higher fuel prices.
Higher food prices.
Higher costs for business.
Higher costs for hospitals, schools, municipalities and transit systems.
Undefined carbon tariffs.

The choice is clear. With Dion, Canadians will see higher taxes and deficit spending. With Harper, Canadians will continue to see lower taxes and balanced budgets.

That's what this election is about. Harper Conservatives are on the right track. The Dion Liberal carbon tax track is the wrong way to go.

Only you can prevent this train wreck. Vote NO to the carbon tax.

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