Friday, August 28, 2009

I Love it When Young People Get Involved

I really like this video and am always encouraged when young people speak their minds. It was also nice about half way in, when the elderly woman in a clear voice, with intellect and compassion; expressed her concerns with what war is doing to the environment and naturally the waste of human life and dignity.

My father gave me the gift of skepticism, and while at times it's been a curse, I can't settle for simple answers to complex questions.

Whether I choose to agree with everything the protesters are saying or not, I admire their courage and determination. They are right to be concerned that Stephen Harper is selling our sovereignty and they are right to be concerned that American soldiers are now allowed to patrol our cities. They are also right to question exactly what the North American Union (NAU), and Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) will mean for their future.

And of course, they should also question the official version of 9/11, as I myself do. I don't want to believe that a government would allow an attack on their own soil to happen just to advance an agenda, but until all the questions are answered, many will never find closure.

The Harper government discourages any kind of independent thinking. Jason Kenney is trying to tell us that any criticism of Israeli aggression can be deemed to be anti-semitism, and therefore a hate crime.

Former Liberal candidate Lesly Hughes wrote an article several years ago after the first deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, and Peter Kent used it against her; trying to paint her as some kind of nut. Now a once respected journalist can't even find work in her field. She's suing him and I hope she throws him into bankruptcy. He should be ashamed. He was once a journalist himself.

Harper not only silences his caucus but is also trying to silence the Canadian people. These guys on the video are funny and passionate and obviously intelligent. I love when they tell Harper to come down so they can place him under citizens arrest, claiming "we promise we won't water board you".

Very comical.

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