Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why Did Taxpayers Fund a Bush/Harper Reunion?

Canadians have recently learned that we forked over $ 124,000.00 for security so that George Bush could visit Harper and his few friends in Canada.


He's not the President now. If Stevie can't quit Georgie, then visit him at Brokeback ranch. We don't want that war criminal here.

Bush visit cost taxpayers a bundle
August 5, 2009

Taxpayers anted up more than $124,000 to provide security for former U. S. president George W. Bush's appearance in Calgary last spring, the Sun has learned.

Responding to an access to information request, Mounties say 2,611 service hours -- nearly 1,600 of them on overtime payroll -- cost $124,163 to secure a trip by the former leader
who spent less than 24 hours in Calgary last March.

Bush spoke to a sold-out, appreciative private luncheon audience of 1,500 who paid $400 apiece to hear him speak on freedom, free trade and the economy at the Telus Convention Centre. (the economy? Is he kidding me?)

Bush's detractors say the ex-president's role in torture and launching aggressive war should have barred him from Canada, saving taxpayers the cost of protecting him.

The security tab "is very distasteful" especially for someone who's now a private citizen with such a dubious past making a lucrative visit, said Sally Hodges, Calgary chairman of the group Project Ploughshares.

"It comes down to the value he's given Calgary with the words he's spoken and I don't think it had much value," said Hodges. "I assume we're expected to be honoured by his visit."

She said the money paid for Bush's security -- none of which he pays -- would be better spent on government programs or other policing efforts. But even so, she said risking a security incident by not providing protection would sully the city's name.

Canadian Taxpayers' Federation Alberta director Scott Hennig agrees.

"Picking and choosing is a slippery slope we could get into," said Hennig. "If not, you run the risk of not protecting someone and having an incident ... it's a real tough line
to draw."

So the Conservatives wouldn't let Galloway in because he offered food and essentials to the Palestinians, but they welcome Bush, a man responsible for the death of thousands? Good to know.

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