Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conservatie MP Shelley Glover Discredits Police and Gauges Taxpayers

The above video is from a constituent of Conservative MP Shelly Glover, a woman who claims that she is on leave from her job as a police officer and actually brags that "We are the only party that has elected police officers."

I think that is horrible. The police should NEVER be politicized. I know it's all part of the Cons so-called "law and order" agenda, which is more about taking power away from judges and filling the private prisons they are negotiating with their American buddies; than anything else.

But I don't ever want to think that any police officer responsible for my safety is politically partisan. It gives the wrong message to Canadians. "Vote for Shelly and you'll never get a speeding ticket". It just raises far too many questions.

And besides, if she's just on leave to serve as an MP for awhile, does that mean she's "just visiting"?

And of course, like her cohorts, she's not above abusing tax dollars to send out junk mail, as her constituent so aptly points out. Shelley go back to Winnipeg where you can be of service. Stop trying to silence dissidents and stop abusing our generosity.

Cops on the hill
Winnipeg Free Press
May 25, 2009

Saint Boniface MP Shelly Glover is going to chair a new Conservative Law Enforcement Officers’ Caucus.

Glover is on leave from the Winnipeg Police Service and is the first female police officer ever elected to parliament. She was elected last October for the first time.

She will chair the new group which counts four members total – Rob Clarke from Saskatchewan and Dave Mackenzie and Rick Norlock from Ontario.

“We are the only party that has elected police officers,” Glover said today.

Clarke is an 18 year veteran of the RCMP in Saskatchewan, Mackenzie was the chief of police in Woodstock, Ont. and Norlock was an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police for 30 years. Glover was with the WPS for almost 19 years in a variety of positions.

She said police officers who have worked on the front lines of the justice system are in a great position to influence the government to make reforms to the system that actually work.

Glover said the group will be a liaison between police officers and the prime ministers’ office and the justice minister, to ensure the voices of people who really know what the situation is like, and what is needed, have their voices heard.

She specifically mentioned the Youth Criminal Justice Act as one area that needs a lot of improvement and would benefit from the knowledge of people who have dealt first hand with kids who break the law.

Admirable but how about attacking the root causes of crime, like poverty, for instance ? Tougher sentences will do nothing because most perpetraters don't believe they will ever get caught.

If you really want to get tough on crime, you could start here.

Or Maybe here.

Or Here.

Or maybe try this.

Or even this.

Still got too much time on your hands? Tackle this one. It's a doozy.

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