Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tories Break Nepotism Rules to Hire Family Members

For a government that came to power promising accountability, the Conservatives sure don't practice what they preach. In yet another attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, they've found a way to hire their family without hiring their family.

Tory MPs have colleagues' kin on payroll
Glen McGregor,
May 26, 2008

OTTAWA - The children and siblings of some Conservative MPs have found work on Parliament Hill in the offices of other Tory parliamentarians, a review of government records shows. Under House of Commons rules, MPs are not allowed to employ their spouses or children. But there is nothing to stop MPs from hiring family members of their caucus colleagues and paying them from their parliamentary budgets.

Squeaky clean Vic Toews loves his family so much he gave many of them jobs. And if you doubt that Toews is a family man, he up and started another one with a young staffer, while still married to the mother of his first batch of children. Clearly we're going to have to create new departments to accommodate them all, if he keeps this up.

Other violaters include Maurice Vellacott , Brad Trost, Lynne Yelich, Ed Komarnicki, Joe Preston and Chuck Strahl.


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