Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jay Hill Only Accountable to Military Contractors

When the Harper government's so-called accountability measures were introduced, they were carefully crafted to hinder the opposition, while allowing themselves free reign to hand out patronage appointments, engage in nepotism, and use every dirty trick in the book to keep their coffers full.

In fact, I can't remember a time when corruption was so well organized. And they have absolutely no remorse, but will simply deny any wrongdoing while blaming others.

There's a reason they try to keep the media at bay. The less they know, the less we'll know, and they can continue to try to appear squeaky clean, as they wallow in the mud.

One scheme that they use a lot, has to do with non-profit organizations that launder money and actively campaign for the Party, despite the fact that they are not registered with Elections Canada.

One example of this took place during Gary Lunn's last election campaign, and the way he managed to channel five, not for profit groups, through his own law firm. I never Said Gary Lunn was the brightest bulb on the tree, but he certainly took corruption to a new level; though the Conservatives are constantly raising the bar.

Which brings us to Jay Hill.

One of the class of '93 Reformers, former colleague Deb Grey referred to him as their strongest supporter for the Reform Movement. He assisted Preston Manning in his leadership bid, and was one of seven Canadian Alliance MPs who were thrown out of caucus for questioning Stockwell Day's leadership skills. I question whether Stockwell Day has any skills at all, but I'm getting off topic.

Hill has been described as dictatorial, and runs procedure with a secret handbook carefully designed to make sure sure that a minority Parliament doesn't work. He was also one of the Conservative MPs who tried to defraud taxpayers in the "In and Out" scheme.

But it's his ties to a group called the Canadians for Afghanistan, spearheaded by his former staffer Josh McJannett that causes me concern. CFA is supposed to be a youth group, much like Germany's Hitler Youth during that man's reign of terror, but they appear to be just cheerleaders for Mr. McJannett's efforts to keep the war going and thereby generating income for his employer, Summa Strategies.

A self-described grassroots youth organization that wants Canada to continue its mission in Afghanistan was organized with help from a lobbyist who, until recently, worked for a prominent Conservative MP. The group, Canadians for Afghanistan, introduced itself to the national media on Parliament Hill yesterday by calling on Canada to remain committed to ongoing military and humanitarian support.

"The presence of the international community and, for that matter, the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, is essentially the only ray of hope to secure a prosperous future for Afghanistan," said Arash Wared, a member of the group. "Canada's work as an important player has just begun."
The group says it is a non-partisan coalition of students and young people from different political and professional backgrounds.

The Canadians For Afghanistan website
lists its main contact as Josh McJannett, a former Conservative staffer who worked for government whip Jay Hill until September. He had previously worked as an aide to Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer. After leaving the Hill, Mr. McJannett became a lobbyist with Summa Strategies, an Ottawa government-relations firm that counts some defence contractors, including U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing, among its clients. Canadians for Afghanistan was formed a few months later.

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