Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peter Van Loan and Jason Kenney Play Pass the Buck

For quite some time, Conservatives Jason Kenney and Peter Van Loan have been playing pass the buck, and it's a tie game.

They obviously believe that if they can keep it up long enough, neither will have to actually do anything.

In this video we find that when Kenney is at a loss for words over Iraq war resistors, he lies through his teeth. When the lies are exposed he then passes the buck to Peter Van Loan.

Van Loan picks up the buck and runs with it, darting and dodging in workplace raids hoping to catch some poor immigrants and ship them back to their places of origin, regardless of what horrible fates await them.

Then Kenney now playing defense, picks up the play and tells us that Canada is welcoming a large numbers of refugees.

See that? Our immigration policies are now some of the most arbitrary in the world, but don't blame Kenney or Van Loan. One pretends to let them in while the other rounds them up and ships them back.

Then of course there's the case of Mikhail Lennikov, the ex-KGB agent who is now in hiding in a church in B.C to avoid deportation. Jason Kenney says that it's out of his hands and Peter Van Loan says that it's Kenney's department who has rejected his claim.

Our Honourable Ministers want you to believe that this is a “legal” process and not a “political” one and that the responsibility for sending Lennikov home rested at the feet of the IRB, the Federal Court, and some unnamed public servants who all ruled against him.

The truth is that only the Minister of Public Safety, i.e. Peter Van Loan, had the authority to let Lennikov stay in Canada. Instead, he sought to deport Lennikov even before the Federal Court could hear his appeal.

Lennikov and his NDP MP, Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster) plan to hold a press conference in Ottawa today.

Julian said Kenney and Van Loan are each passing the buck.

Both men are making enormous salaries, under contract with us. I think it's time they were traded.

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