Sunday, June 14, 2009

Forestry Union Sick of Harper's Lies

Despite repeated promises, the Harper government refuses to do anything to help out of work forestry workers, or even to protect the jobs of those still fortunate to have them.

Jay Hill refused to even speak to workers in his riding.

Now, that union is telling Michael Ignatieff to bring the government down unless the Conservatives are willing to stand up.

Topple government if forestry industry not helped: union
Canada's largest forestry union calling on the Liberal Party of Canada to defeat the Conservative government if there is no clear support for the forestry industry.
CNW Telbec
June 14, 2009

Canada's 300,000 forestry workers and their families are facing the most severe crisis since the Great Depression.

"The Conservative Party has given us nothing but rumours of help, and phantom promises." says Dave Coles, President of the Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP), which represents 60,000 forestry workers.

"If it takes an election to save our jobs and our families and our communities, then let there be an election.

"CEP Secretary Treasurer Gaetan Menard is scheduled to meet with Denis Coderre, Michael Ignatieff's Quebec lieutenant, on Tuesday, June 16, to address the deepening crisis in the industry. At that meeting Menard will urge Coderre and the Liberal caucus to bring down the government if there is no clear support for the forestry industry.

Last week CEP President Dave Coles, and a CEP delegation, met with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Revenue Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn, as a direct result of sit ins by CEP members of seven Conservative MPs offices.

Flaherty promised to study their position and get back to them. There has been no news from Flaherty.

Four thousand forestry workers from across Canada marched on the Prime Minister's Office on June 2, in an attempt to awaken the Conservative party to the industry's peril.

The scale of the danger is demonstrated by the 55,000 forestry jobs lost in the last two years.

There are 300 forestry dependent towns in Canada, of which 270 are at risk.

"Forestry is a sun rise industry, a renewable resource, an industry that forms the backbone of the Canadian landscape. If Stephen Harper and his government think they can side step their responsibility to us and our families, then they need another wake up call." says Gaetan Menard, CEP Secretary Treasurer.

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