Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stockwell Day Smoked Pot and Inhaled. Ha ha ha

I'm currently reading 'Stockwell Day His Life and Politics' by Claire Hay, written just prior to Day's victory as Alliance Party leader. Of course a year later he would be thrown out by the same people who brought him to power, but it's his life up to that time that Hoy deals with.

On page 4, the author says of Day "Yes, mama. He not only smoked a toke but inhaled."

What? I thought I was reading the wrong book but when I looked at the front cover, sure enough Stocky's pinched face was there.

So I googled it, and yep. Stockwell Day once smoked the wacky weed. I would have thought him more of an angry drunk than a happy toker, but there it was.

Now I don't have a problem with that. In fact I think marijuana should be de-criminalized, legalized and taxed, in the same way that alcohol and tobacco are. But holier than thou Stockwell Day? There were even rumours that he once considered removing the restrictions on cannabis if elected Prime Minister.

Today's Marijuana Naysayers May Be Blowing Smoke
Hamilton Spectator
April 2, 2001

When public figures of the stature of a Stockwell Day and a Bill Clinton admit to trying marijuana, when even George W. Bush admits to using cocaine, you know that something is starting to give way in the brave front of society's "official" anti-marijuana posturing.

Stockwell Day? That is too funny.

Mind you, I doubt the Religious Right who have been so instrumental in his career, would approve; but it is, what it is.

Smoking a joint, however, is the least of Stockwell Day's crimes. Illegally buying his seat, extending a court case for political gain, costing Alberta taxpayers almost 800,000.00, then accepting a donation in an alleged 'kick-back' from the law firm handling his case, are far worse.

He also tried to defraud taxpayers in the "in and out" scheme.

Day claims to live by every word in the Bible, but I'm pretty sure lying, cheating and stealing, are frowned upon in the good book.

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