Sunday, June 7, 2009

Conservative Rob Merrifield Has Us Chokin' on the Cokin'

Along with Jay Hill, Transport Minister Rob Merrifield is working overtime to ensure that the coal companies can continue to use taxpayer money to boost their profits.

According to Terrance Corcoran of the National Post, the deal that the two Tory cabinet ministers are cooking up to keep the Ridley Terminal off Ridley Island in Prince Rupert, B.C., a crown corporation " big time corporate subsidy seeking, backroom politics, scheming lobbyists and cabinet ministers throwing their weight around to satisfy the big time corporate interests.

"Instead of privatizing Ridley, our Tory MPs — along with a phalanx of coal lobby-orchestrated local governments — have cooked up the idea of turning Ridley over to the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

"The effect of this would be to turn Ridley Terminals into a subsidized transport link for the coal industry.

It turns out, to no surprise, that Mr. Hill is the MP for Prince George, where some coal mines operate. And Mr. Merrifield’s Alberta riding, Yellowhead, is the home of a very fat coal industry..."

The residents of Yellowhead enjoy a very large median income and huge single dwellings dot the landscape, so I can understand why their MP is working so hard to keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. However, it's all of us who have to shell out tax dollars for the benefit of only a few, and that is simply not acceptable.

The Chairman of Ridley terminals, Dan Veniez, has launched a media campaign to sell the merits of privatizing Ridley Terminals, while well organized groups have united to keep the facility in public hands.

Of concern to those wishing to sell Ridley, is that not only do the subsidies benefit Canadian coal, but they also prop up their U.S. counterparts, something that the Tories have always been keen on.

Mr. Merrifield himself helped to draft a report for the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, entitled: From Correct to Inspired: A Blueprint for Canada U.S. Engagement

The report calls for annexation of Canada, with regard to the economy, energy resources and the military; and recommends "an integrated, whole of government approach that recognizes shared interests and the reality of deep integration." (Jim Prentice recently announced the sharing of a Carbon Tax system with the U.S.)

So this Yellowhead MP and Transport minister, does not really care about the Canadian people, only the wealthy coal industry on both sides of the border, that help to keep him and his Party in power. So glad he has his priorities straight.

Now I know this blog entry will not change the way that the people in his riding vote, and that Mr. Merrifield will continue to get elected for as long as he decides to run. I'm simply hoping to open the eyes of Canadians, by showing them just how corrupt our current government is. They may think twice before putting their 'X' beside a Conservative candidate next time around.

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