Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lesley Hughes is Not Antisemitic. No Way, No How.

After reading a small blurb in our local paper about a lawsuit launched against Conservative Peter Kent and several Jewish organizations, by former Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes; I knew there had to be more to the story.

And there was.

The Conservatives have proven time and again that they will stop at nothing to gain and maintain power. From their criminal assault on French Canadians and the truth, during the parliamentary crisis; to buying seats and silence; they are an orange jumpsuit away from living out their dream of a law and order state - from the inside.

But one of their main focuses during the last two campaigns has been on what they refer to as 'soft seats'.

Kildonan–St Paul (Winnipeg), has always been a swing riding, and one they felt was critical to hold. Joy Smith, the Conservative incumbent, has been a long-time Stockwell Day supporter and was the Manitoba organizer for his bid for leadership of the Alliance Party (now calling themselves Conservatives). She is a social conservative with strong views against same-sex marriage, even breaking down in tears during one debate, so they needed to keep her on their team.

On the other hand, Lesley Hughes was a popular CBC radio host and respected journalist, who had always been an advocate for the less fortunate members of society. She also had a large number of supporters, who were eager to have her voice in Ottawa.

But then the unthinkable happened. Someone dredged up an old article she had written in 2002, discussing the events leading up to the attacks on the World Trade Centre. As a journalist, she was sharing the information she had obtained from respected members of the media, which raised questions about the complicity of the Bush Administration.

It was published right after four Canadian soldiers had been killed in 'friendly fire', so she challenged her readers to look for the truth behind the War in Afghanistan. A good journalist does not just report news but also encourages their followers to enter into debate.

Lesly Hughes was a good journalist.

The Conservatives were careful to plant this story after the candidate replacement deadline had passed, and the negative media reaction left the Liberal leader, Stephane Dion, with little choice but to remove her as a Liberal candidate. Perhaps if he'd had a little more time to investigate the nonsense, he would have stood behind her, but Peter Kent made sure that wouldn't happen.

The very next day he posted a diatribe on his website, accusing her of all sorts. He wanted to make sure that not only would Ms Hughes not win the election (she remained in the race as an independent), but that the Liberal brand would be poisoned, not only by his antisemitic accusations, but by the backlash from her supporters.

It worked.

In an online readers poll, the Winnipeg Free Press asked: "Do you think Liberal leader Stephane Dion was right to turf Lesley Hughes over 9/11 conspiracy writings?" Of the 2,469 readers who responded, 73 percent said "No."

In the article in question, which I have posted in it's entirety here, the only mention of Jews at all was in this paragraph:

"German Intelligence (BND) claims to have warned the U.S. last June, the Israeli Mossad and Russian Intelligence in August. Israeli businesses, which had offices in the Towers, vacated the premises a week before the attacks, breaking their lease to do it. About 3000 Americans working there were not so lucky."

Hughes is crediting the Israeli intelligence agency with attempting to warn the Americans of an impending attack on the Twin Towers, while ensuring that their own people were safe. What in the hell is antisemitic about that?

These new cries of any criticism of Israel as being hate crimes is absurd. Jason Kenney is using it to justify cutting funding to Arab-Canadians, and paint a picture of all Muslims as being terrorists. It's insane.

Now the career of a once respected journalist and radio personality is ruined, simply because the Canadian media and much of the Canadian public, believe that she is a whack job. I can assure you she is not, and the Liberal Party of Canada suffered a great loss, while the Conservative Party of Canada continues to destroy real Canadian values.

I hope she wins her lawsuit.

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